CHANGE& INNOVATION We, Pan-Pacific, strive to innovate ceaselessly, overcoming challenges through fair play and growing strong with our customers.
You are invited to the future of Pan-Pacific that leaps persistently to the top by initial challenges never tried before.
Activities for Innovation

Product Diversification

Pan-Pacific provides optimum sourcing solution for each distinctive product categories.

.A manufacturing partner of the world's leading retailers.

.Dominant market shares in the outerwear and casual woven categories.

.Portfolio expands to casual knit, lightweight woven, and active wear with a continuous R&D investment.

  • Woven

  • +
  • Shirts&Blouses

  • +
  • Knit

  • +
  • Active Wear

  • +
  • Synthetic Media

.Through the product diversification, not only providing a one-stop buying service
   but also a tailored sourcing support from the initial development stage.

.Pan-Pacific also has exceptional sourcing capability in synthetic, hybrid garment production.

Strategic Production Unit(PU) Positioning

Optimized production facilities for sustainable growth

Pan-Pacific Optimizes production facilities for the sustainable growth with the long term and mid term strategic PU Planning and development. And, each of production facilities are building highly reliable networks in its locations. For the optimum level of price competition and flexibility, Pan-Pacific progress localization in sales, sampling and purchasing.

  • Vietnam

  • +
  • Indonesia

  • +
  • Myanmar

Through the strategic PU Positioning, Pan-Pacific pursue profitability by leveraging each production base's duty advantages, labor market and infrastructure.
Pan-Pacific plans responsive-capacity of production by applying the external risks management, and, runs specialized production lines for a higher production efficiency. The communication and cooperation system between the HQ and production base is one the strongest advantage of Pan-Pacific.

Vertical Integration

Complete in-house processes that ensure quality and efficiency

.Pan-Pacific strives for the complete vertical integration which enables in-house processes ensuring quality and efficiency in diverse areas of business.

.Continuous investments in fabric sourcing, material development, and solid supply chains for garment sewing, component processing, and filling materials (down and padding).

.In order to maximize the efficiency of the operation, Pan-Pacific never has stopped the innovative movement.

  • Fabric Sourcing

  • >
  • Embroidery

  • >
  • Washing

  • >
  • Quilting

  • >
  • Down & Padding

.Through the vertical integration system, Pan-Pacific actualize

.Process optimization-from material procurement to final production

.Lead-time reduction through production process integration.

.Continuous operational innovation to elevate cost-competitiveness.

Design and Innovation

Pan Pacific's design and technical supports contributes to the customers to save time and cost.

.In-house design capabilities in every category.

.Technical designers assigned to each buyer.

.Fabric library seasonally updated with new items.

  • Trend

  • +
  • Design

  • +
  • Fabric development

  • +
  • Technical Support

  • +
  • Technical Design

Pan-Pacific's design and technical supports contribute the end-to-end support for the buyer from trend concept to bulk at an optimum efficiency. Pan-Pacific also provides technical support for garment production with advanced technology and years of experience.

Quality as in Competitive Advantage

Pan-Pacific's radical production control contributes to the customers to save time and cost.

.Quality & Compliance team under CEO's direct management and control enables,
   - Efficient, safe and ethical factory operation
   - Reliable and superior quality
   - Stringent final inspection for zero defect

  • Ethics Education

  • >
  • Tallied Data Analysis

  • >
  • Self-audit System

  • >
  • Dual Quality Control

The efforts to gain the competitive advantage in quality control,

.Pan-Pacific is minimizing the failure rate via pre-final inspections,

.Conducting rigorous quality control processes & prompt disposal of defective products,

.Building trust through high-quality and stable on-time delivery

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