ABOUT PANPACIFIC We, Pan-Pacific, strive to innovate ceaselessly, overcoming challenges through fair play and growing strong with our customers.
You are invited to the future of Pan-Pacific that leaps persistently to the top by initial challenges never tried before.


With its 40+ years' knowhow in sewing technology, feathers and chemical-fiber fillers, Pan-Pacific produces the highest quality bedding and delivers it to customers both at home and abroad.
Equipped with functionality and design, reflecting both the tried-and-true in fashion and living trends, Pan-Pacific bedding rejuvenates your bedroom with a new dimension of comfort.
Sofraum only uses materials and fillers with environmentally-friendly certifications.


Pursuing the creation of the softest space (raum) imaginable, Sofraum is a premium bedding brand of the world's finest goose down. This brand offers the American Classic feel with the top-of-the-range goose down fillers, a benchmark of the premium lifestyle. We guarantee quality, reliability, and design sophistication.
Sofraum only uses materials and fillers with environmentally-friendly certifications.


Beontre, or Bedding on Trend, was born out of the technological and design prowess of Sofraum (Pan-Pacific, Co. Ltd.), Korea's leading premium bedding brand. With a discerning eye towards the living trends of overseas companies, Beontre produces sensuous offerings at a reasonable price.


Launched in 1967, Sheridan is one of the major bedding brands of Australia, taking up a share of more than 80% in the Australian bedding market. This global brand - available in the US, UK, China, and East Asia - is a home total-coordination brand offering products inspired by the Australian wild transformed into the sophistication and class of a modern spirit.
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