ABOUT PANPACIFIC We, Pan-Pacific, strive to innovate ceaselessly, overcoming challenges through fair play and growing strong with our customers.
You are invited to the future of Pan-Pacific that leaps persistently to the top by initial challenges never tried before.


Launched in 2004 with the objective of "improving people's diets and modernizing traditional food," Pan-Pacific's food business has been responsible for the production of dry rice powder using a modern grinder for the first time in Korea.
In 2010, Pan-Pacific succeeded in diversifying its food production into dry rice powder, puffed rice powder, and premix. In 2012, the premix line received HACCP certification.
Top-quality standardized Hat-Bang-A dry rice powder keeps in line with the history of rice processing in Korea. Today Pan-Pacific is still striving to make history. pp-food@panpacific.co.kr


"HAET BANG A" is a compound Korean word formed from "haet," meaning new, and "bang a," the name of the traditional grinding tool similar to a mortar. HAET BANG A is Pan-Pacific's own brand of rice products, distributing dry rice powder domestically for the first time in Korean history.
Major Buyers
Major Buyers


HACCP(Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point)
HACCP is a systematic, scientific sanitation management approach to food safety against all hazards that can occur in each stage of production process from raw material production, through manufacturing, processing, conservation, and distribution, to finished product for end users.
HAET BANG A has acquired HACCP certification for the first time in the premix industry.

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