ABOUT PANPACIFIC We, Pan-Pacific, strive to innovate ceaselessly, overcoming challenges through fair play and growing strong with our customers.
You are invited to the future of Pan-Pacific that leaps persistently to the top by initial challenges never tried before.


In order to maintain its competitive edge, Pan-Pacific has developed and distributed fillings for heat-keeping products. The company has provided its B2B customers with higher productivity and B2C customers with greater satisfaction.
From down (small, soft feathers of geese and ducks), the best heat-retaining material created by nature, to reusable polyester thermal fiber products, Pan-Pacific is developing our material business in multiple fields.
In addition, Pan-Pacific has recently introduced recycled fiber products in an effort to reduce its ecological impact. Environmentally conscious buyers and consumers have shown considerable interest in these eco-friendly products.


The combination of proud and energy, Prauden is Pan-Pacific's premium down brand and Korea's leading down processing company. Prauden offers the highest quality down through a strict feathers selection process, an innovative production process, and the cooperation of relevant foreign institutes.


  • RDS(Responsible Down Standard)
    Certifies that Prauden processes real materials not associated with animal abuse, such as live-plucking and forced feeding.
  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100
    Certifies that Prauden uses eco-friendly materials, washed and processed with chemicals not harmful to the human body.
  • IDFL(International Down&Feather Testing Laboratory) Audit
    Tracks the providers of down materials to certify that the entire supply chain follows their accepted standards, procedures and systems. This assessment includes an accounting of animal abuse and related activities.
  • IDFB(International Down& Feather Bureau)
    IDFB is the international Down and Feather Bureau that develop the international standard of down and feathers. Prauden has joined IDFB and has participated in revaluation related to their international standard of down material to serve customers at the certified safety standards.


The name "Absolon" is formed by combining the words absolute and solution. Absolon is a polyester filler brand, with the aim of providing eco-friendly solutions at competitive prices.
Absolon's technology provides the experience of ultimate warmth.


The name "Syncloud" is an abbreviation of synthetic cloud. The brand offers the premium in low-denial polyester-based fiber ("Denial" denotes a unit of thickness of fiber). Syncloud offers the wearer an experience of warmth and lightness like being wrapped up in soft clouds.
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