HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT We, Pan-Pacific, strive to innovate ceaselessly, overcoming challenges through fair play and growing strong with our customers.
You are invited to the future of Pan-Pacific that leaps persistently to the top by initial challenges never tried before.
The World We Live in
Pan-Pacific is consistent in its efforts to provide every employee with work-life balance and an environment of horizontal organization in which every voice is heard and respected. We also run a multitude of programs to enhance their working conditions. We conduct organizational and cultural activities to strengthen communication among managers and employees.

Organizational Culture

  • CEO Lunch Meetings & CEO Meetings with First-year Employees In order to enhance inter-departmental communication and employee loyalty, Pan-Pacific hosts meetings where employees can share their thoughts and opinions with the CEO directly. Over a casual lunch with the CEO, employees talk about their work life, policies of the company, their vision for the company, and even personal interests. Through these meetings it is hoped that our employees will learn more about their coworkers and corporate philosophy.
  • Why Not (System of Proposals) "Why Not" is a system of proposals designed to encourage employees to participate in "change and innovation," two of Pan-Pacific's core values. All proposals are posted to the Intranet (Groupware System) notice board and are evaluated by the moderator; selected proposals are awarded according to a rubric of: Excellent, Highest Point, and Most Proposals. Moreover, all proposals are sent to relevant departments for review of applicability.
  • Junior Forum The Junior Forum, a group that includes the CEO and 12 outstanding young employees, meets to find ways to form a positive organizational culture. As key communicators, the forum member also deliver issues and opinions from their in-field and share with the CEO directly. Moreover, Pan-Pacific continues to conduct the "Shiny You" rewards, as well as campaign activities.
  • Happy Two Hours This is an incentive program for workers arriving on time. It was designed to establish and reinforce a fundamental piece of work ethic for the entire company. A worker who has arrived on time for an entire month earns a day in the next calendar month on which they can arrive to work as late as 10:30.
  • Family Day Every Wednesday is Family Day, on which all employees will leave the office promptly at 6 pm. At closing time Family Day music plays over the intercom as a reminder that we highly encourage employees to have quality time with their family.
  • Vitamin Show In this show aired every Friday morning from the in-house broadcasting station, employees voluntarily participate in a relay of compliments. An employee is designated the day's MC and selects a coworker to compliment. He or she will share stories of the coworker's achievements and character, then play a song.
  • Pan-Meeting This system is designed to boost trust and fine-tune teamwork between new leaders and old members. In a Pan-Meeting, members are encouraged to ask questions and make requests in an open and frank manner.
  • Mentoring Program This system is designed for new employees to quickly adapt to their work and understand the organizational culture. A mentor hands down work-related knowhow to the mentee, and together they perform external cultural activities, forming fellowship, so that the mentee can better adapt to the work culture.
  • Pan Letter A bimonthly channel of in-house communication, the Pan Letter is the company newsletter. Writers report on management information, employee news, and other current information both on and offline. The Pan Letter connects all managers and employees.
  • Award of Excellence Pan-Pacific runs an award system to motivate employees who are in recognition of outstanding performance and commitment to the company. It is designed for the employee to feel a sense of pride and oneness with the company.
  • Shiny You "Shiny You" is one of the organizational cultural activities arranged by Junior Forum. After reviewing the stories of those who have received compliments anonymously (via the anonymous bulletin board), Junior Forum selects the winner(s) through a survey process (interviews with those close to the nominee). The winners are then awarded with gifts. The purpose of Shiny You is to spread a culture of compliments and discover exemplary, outstanding employees.
  • CEO's Message The CEO shares his corporate philosophy and personal messages penned in his handwriting via this posting-type channel.
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