CHANGE& INNOVATION We, Pan-Pacific, strive to innovate ceaselessly, overcoming challenges through fair play and growing strong with our customers.
You are invited to the future of Pan-Pacific that leaps persistently to the top by initial challenges never tried before.
Footprints of Growth
Over the past 40 years, Pan-Pacific has grown together with its customers, partners and communities. We have worked tirelessly to make our dreams a reality.


  • Jan 2016New production facilities established in Indonesia (NPC established, specializing in garment production).
  • Jul 2015Bonnioz (SAMKYUNG FIRST IND CO., LTD.) acquired.
  • Apr 2014PTI in New York acquired.
  • Nov 2012Proclamation of company vision, "Vision 2022" during 40th anniversary.
  • Nov 2012Domestic OEM commenced via NADIA-Pacific establishment.
  • Mar 2012WISE-Pacific (Daewoo's garment division) established.


  • Jun 2010Headquarters newly erected.
  • May 2009Premium bedding retail brand 'Sofraum' launched.
  • Apr 2007New production facilities established in Central Java Province, Indonesia (NPK established, specializing in knit production).
  • Aug 2003First KNIT production facility completed (VPC, Vietnam).
  • Mar 2000Padding & quilting line acquired & activated in Myanmar.


  • Aug 1998Production facility completed in Myanmar.
  • Nov 1997Awarded 34th $1billiontrade award for export
  • Dec 1994Company listed in the Korean Stock Exchange.
  • Sep 1994Down production facility completed in China.
  • Nov 1993Production facility completed in Vietnam - Diplomatic relations with Vietnam established in 1993.
  • Mar 1990Production facility completed in Indonesia (1st overseas plant), PPN.


  • Mar 1985Started bedding manufacturing and distribution business
  • Jul 1984First goose & duck down production facility completed (first in Korea).
  • Nov 1979First garment factory established in Ansan, Korea.
  • Jun 1972Pan-Pacific established.
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