ABOUT PANPACIFIC We, Pan-Pacific, strive to innovate ceaselessly, overcoming challenges through fair play and growing strong with our customers.
You are invited to the future of Pan-Pacific that leaps persistently to the top by initial challenges never tried before.


Apparel has been Pan-Pacific's main area of focus. Since its establishment in 1972, Pan-Pacific has produced and exported a variety of woven and knit products to the Americas, Europe, Japan, etc.
Twenty overseas production firms and two offices have been pursuing innovation after innovation to produce the best in the current product generation. ap@panpacific.co.kr

Woven Products

Based on 40 years of knowhow, Pan-Pacific has steadily grown as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for woven apparel.
It exports a variety of product lines: jackets, pants, sportswear, and outdoor clothing to the U.S. and Europe with production bases in Vietnam, Indonesia, and Myanmar.
Pan-Pacific is also putting together projects to succeed as an ODM by keeping promises with our buyers through on time shipment for expected delivery date and internal quality control systems, as well as eagerly conducting research and development (R&D).
Pan-Pacific strives to satisfy our buyers' needs with new design offers and by employing exclusive technical designers.
To taking a leap forward, we are consistently striving for the change and innovation through making investments in production bases, finding new resources, and expanding facilities and product lines.
Major Buyers
Major Buyers

Light Woven Products

Pan-Pacific took over the business of women's top blouse and dress that were formerly operated by daewoo apparel.
The light woven division has made steady progress by leveraging R&D, developing Fit Tech, managing a competitive supply chain, and operated state-of-the-art production facilities, so that the unit has successfully met buyers' needs.
The light woven division, one of the strategic items of Pan-Pacific, is committed to continual innovation and being a sustainable growth engine of the company.
Major Buyers
Major Buyers

Knits Products

The knit business division continues to be another growth engine of Pan-Pacific, manufacturing and exporting knit products through production bases in Vietnam and Indonesia.
The knit division has built up an enviable reputation as a provider of the highest value to buyers through a wide range of R&D services, and the competitive sourcing of raw and subsidiary materials.
Furthermore, alongside an emerging active wear market to which it belongs, the knit division continues to increase its technological output and production power. Currently its operating purview includes a variety of yoga and active wear products, and it is set to expand into other areas such as casual and sportswear.
Major Buyers
Major Buyers


Wise-Pacific, an affiliate of Pan-Pacific, is greatly specialized in shirts and related items, and has a broad range of buyers in the Americas, Europe, and Japan. Production unit bases in Vietnam and Myanmar are committed to the development of technologies and investments in their facilities.
Moreover, it has promptly responded to the rapid-changing local environment through an efficient synchronization system. It has consistently enhanced its productivity and product quality, contributing to a global expansion.
Based on its capacity, Wise-Pacific will be the world's number one dress and casual shirts manufacturer, and will maintain its current reputation as a global shirts brand in the Americas and Europe, and the leading shirts provider to the top-of-the-line Japanese textile firms.
Major Buyers
Major Buyers
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