HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT We, Pan-Pacific, strive to innovate ceaselessly, overcoming challenges through fair play and growing strong with our customers.
You are invited to the future of Pan-Pacific that leaps persistently to the top by initial challenges never tried before.
Nurturing Talent

Fairness in Performance Management System

Pan-Pacific vows to continue to uphold its "Performance management, focused on the fostering of talent" in order to evaluate and reward each employee's effort and results on a just and reasonable standard.
  • Coaching-based Evaluation System As a link between the employee's objective and the company's objective, the coaching-based system of management and evaluation includes "achievements evaluations" for the assessment of individuals' KPI (Key Performance Indicators) achievement and "capability evaluations" for measuring individuals' improvement in the competency and capability.
  • Annual Salary System We provide employees with the reward of an annual salary.
  • Incentive System We run incentive system to encourage employees to aggressively strive to achieve growth objectives, to raise employee's morale, and enhance the execution.

Human Resource Development

In accordance with the value of "management by talent," Pan-Pacific invests in the fostering of human resource talent, pursues the continued growths of its members, and provides various training courses.
  • Leadership Training Program Pan-Pacific provides a systematic leadership training program not only to support leaders to understand their responsibilities and influences, but also to help leaders make able to reinforce competency and performance in individual groups and teams, and motivate their staff.
  • Global Training Program To strengthen the global and language capacity of employees, Pan-Pacific employs in-house native-speaker instructors. In addition, we offer a full, systematic education program that includes telephone English, cyber education, out-of-company language support, global business education, preliminary expatriate training, and local training.
  • 'Pan-People' Training Program This training course informs trainees of Pan-Pacific's history and values. It is designed to familiarize and internalize the idea of talented and related competencies which are necessary to make mission and vision of Pan-Pacific.
  • New Employee Training Program This training course helps new employees understand what is required and expected of them. It is designed to guide the new member's soft landing onto the company culture.
  • Strengthening of Job Expertise Based on job description and job competency, Pan-Pacific provides a wide range of general and expert training program. We deliver different levels of training content, and offer our employees courses tailor-made to the knowledge needs of each task and title.
    Pan-Pacific additionally offers a variety of self-directed learning opportunities that includes online training and off-site job training, for self-development.
  • Talent Management Forum In these quarterly forums the managers gather to discuss in-depth the ways to find and develop the particular talents possessed by employees. The forums are designed to support the coaching abilities of employees and develop leaders by themselves.
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