CREDIBLE MANAGEMENT Respect for Ethical ValuesReport center We, Pan-Pacific, strive to innovate ceaselessly, overcoming challenges through fair play and growing strong with our customers.
You are invited to the future of Pan-Pacific that leaps persistently to the top by initial challenges never tried before.
Pan-Pacific has sought to build a culture of reliability among its employees, customers, and stockholders through the installation of ethical management. The company seeks to sustain its competitiveness and to form a culture of trust and cooperation. We value adherence to fundamental principles in ethics such as keeping one's promises and thereby obtaining a corporate competency and establishing a foothold in becoming a great company.

Code of Ethics

  • 1
    Responsibilities and obligations to the customer The company shall ensure the best quality, the lowest price, and prompt delivery, respecting the customer as its top priority in every case. The company shall provide long-term and stable profits to the stakeholders through reasonable investments and sound management. More (Code of Ethics Article 7)
  • 2
    Fair Competition We, Pan-Pacific, shall enter into free and fair competition with competitors. We shall follow laws and trade ethics. We shall not commit wrongful acts to vendors by leveraging any status of superiority. More (Code of Ethics Article 8)
  • 3
    Social Responsibilities We shall comply with the laws and regulations enforced by the local authorities. We shall abide by the ethical practice and transactions of business. More (Code of Ethics Article 9)
  • 4
    A Sound Working Environment To ensure a mutual respect, officers and employees shall not engage in discrimination, slander, bullying words or acts, or giving money or any gifts of monetary value to one another, beyond the conventional wisdom. More (Code of Ethics Article 10)
  • 5
    Transparency of information and financial management We shall record accounting transparently and factually in accordance with accounting principles. We shall not exaggerate results or report false information. We shall not conceal, reduce, or distort any mistakes or wrongdoing. More (Code of Ethics Article 11)

Our pledge in order to make good business ethics

Every employee of Pan-Pacific Co.,Ltd., Nadia Pacific Co., Ltd., Wise Pan-Pacific Co., Ltd., and its overseas corporations and offices shall vow to follow the following principles and regulations while performing their duties, in order to earn the trust and respect of their clients.

  • 01
    Pursue the best quality and service
  • 02
    Practice change and innovation
  • 03
    Put in best effort in duties in accordance with the company's vision and strategy
  • 04
    Sincerely listen to the customers and keep promises made to them
  • 05
    Sales, Management, Corporate body, etc., will treat customers with respect.
  • 06
    Protect customers' sensitive information and brands
  • 07
    Comply with local laws and contribute to community development
  • 08
    Respect business partners and contribute to co-prosperity
  • 09
    Do not accept money, valuables, or special treatment beyond the socially acceptable norm, or which are outside the company guidelines
  • 10
    Do not discriminate against fellow, subordinate, and/or local workers. Respect cultural diversity.
  • 11
    Understand that any form of sexual harassment or joke which may bring embarrassment to individuals will not be tolerated
  • 12
    Do not commit slander or insult another.
  • 13
    Do not make any inappropriate monetary transactions among employees
  • 14
    Protect the company's intellectual property and assets
  • 15
    Be truthful and clear regarding expense reports
  • 16
    Do not use working hours for non-company-related activities
  • 17
    Do not hide mistakes. Report them immediately.
  • 18
    Report business performance accurately
  • 19
    In the case of a violation of the ethics code, report to the ethics management department
  • 20
    Do it all right now

Report CenterReporting

Subject to report (type)

  • Arbitrary disposal (including illegal leaks) of the company's assets including the officer/employee's products
  • Peculation and professional malpractice of the officer/employee
  • Demanding or accepting money, valuables, or entertainment by the officer/employee
  • Dual employment and/or vendor's participation of the officer/employee
  • Actions of demoralization including sexual harassment
  • Other wrongdoings and/or acts of corruption


Anyone (including the internal officer or employee, the purchaser, store, partner, or the customer) can participate in the system.

Reporting methods

Handling process

  • 01Accept report
  • >
  • 02Perform internal audit and produce audit results
  • >
  • 03Prepare improvement plan and take disciplinary action
  • >
  • 04Notify handling results

Reporter-protection system

  • 01Confidentiality

    We guarantee the anonymity of the reporter. Any disclosure or implication pertaining to the identity of the reporter, without his/her consent, is strictly prohibited.

  • 02Guarantee of status

    We guarantee the reporter's status to prevent such unfairness as disciplinary action or discrimination implicated on the reporter due to his/her report or statement.

  • 03Reduction of Liability

    If an employee should report his/her own mistake or fault, he/she may be subject to a reduction of, or exemption from, disciplinary action.

However, a slanderous spreading of ungrounded rumors or misinformation, reports or complaints related to privacy matters, may be excluded from exemption.
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